Thursday, 20 March 2008

RU-486? Are you daft?

Here's my monthly reminder that my friend Amanda and her pro-life friends are meeting for their witness in Oxford.
29th March @ 3pm
This is the First Year Anniversary and will be lead by Fr John Saward.
It takes place as usual outside the
John Radcliffe Hospital and St Anthony of Padua Church
Please remember them in your prayers.
Also there will be the usual walk to the the abortion mill on Station Road Kings Norton Birmingham at the 3pm Veneration of the Cross from SS Joseph and Helen's Church on the same road.
Catholic news has reported that a cancer busting drug made in a factory in Shanghai China is so badly made that it has caused massive health problems in patients taking it. This has meant the drug company will no longer buy from that supply. However the baby killing drug RU-486 is made in the same factory and continues to be imported.
I would like to point out that RU-486 is not only used to procure early abortion. It can also be proscribed to mothers who have miscarried a baby and not been able to naturally expel the pregnancy. This drug needs to be stopped surely!
Meanwhile more and more scientific evidence is coming through showing that our drinking water has been poisoned by estrogens coming from the chemical contraceptives so many women are using. Fish are changing sex.
There is even some evidence that girls are reaching pubity earlier because they are ingesting these hormones.
We already KNOW that chemical contraception increases the risk of breast cancer.

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