Friday, 18 July 2008

Rachel weeps in China

A few weeks ago the Catholic Herald actually published a letter that said bluntly that China's one child policy was a great idea and the Church and the west should support it.
I can only hope the person who wrote this stuff is completely ignorant of just what the this policy entails.
Mark Miravelle has written a book called "The Seven Sorrows of China." I listened to him being interviewed by Al Kresta on Immaculate Heart Radio (Click on Kresta in the Afternoon 07/17.08).
Dr Miravelle talks of his visit to China and of the families and bishop who told their secret stories. As the decedent West insists on doing business and making money with China, so mothers have their nearly born babies murdered in front of them.
As the media gets all excited about the upcoming Olympics and the ethics of drug enhanced performance, children are left in the back rooms of so called orphanages where they are expected to die.
While China welcomes tourists from Europe and America you can buy a bowl of fetal soup for 500yen. This soup of murdered babies is supposed to be a health tonic!
The horror that is the lives of ordinary Chinese people beggars belief. In fact Dr Miravelle said one person he spoke to on his return home just refused to believe him saying "The UN would not allow this."
That bastion of all things amoral would of course turn a blind eye to the massive abuses in China.
In fact with some help from the British Government I do not doubt it is helping to fund and enable the travesties that go on there.
You can read a great deal of what Dr Miravelle saw and heard in these links.
Please try and find the time to read them. I think these first hand stories are of vital importance.
The Seven Sorrows of China
I really do not understand how we can turn away from all this happening. I don't understand Christians prepared to do business with China. I really really do not at all understand how on earth the Beijing Govt were offered the massive kudos of holding the Olympic Games.
I pray that there will be people like my oldest son who want to tell these stories and make people see what is happening.
God help China.


Mrs Pea said...

I SOOOOOOO agree. The Chinese government is so evil. And our own government that is all lovey dovey snuggling up to it and ignoring the bleeding corpses piled under the bed is almost as evil. I will read the links when I have time as I am always being told "oh, it's not like that anymore"...hmmm

Ponte Sisto said...

Believe it!... and weep! I don't have much time for fundamentalist evangelicals normally, but with the hell that is being unleashed on earth these days, I wonder whether their "End is Nigh" message might not be true.

antonia said...

I agree; what is going on in China because of their 'One Child Policy' is appaling; babies aborted left right and centre, infanticide, forced insertions of the contraceptive coil against women's wishes, abuse and punishment of those who dare to have more than one is horrendous.

I havent read the article in the Catholic Herald...maybe he meant that the concept of one child per family in China was a good thing, as opposed to also being in agreement with the ways in which this is currently being achieved?

God Blessxxxx

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

The horror of what is happening over there seems remarkably hidden to the point that I don't think people really understand just how bad it is.
I am hoping the letter writer in the Catholic Herald just has no idea what he was saying. I am also hoping the person wasn't a Christian, because I have to say Antonia I find the thought that someone who knows Christ writing a letter like that very hard to understand!
God bless you

gemoftheocean said...

They've been shutting this up for a long, long time. I remember FIRST reading about these practices in my freshman year in college - in 74-75 - so it's been going on a long time. The social implications (along with the moral ones) are staggering after an entire generation and more has been subjected to it.

Simply barbarous.

miss book said...

Have to agree with you and all the comments above. China is an image of the Crucified Lord and the Olympic games an image of those who cast lots for His clothing.