Thursday, 22 November 2007

For the children

Amanda has emailed me twice now and I'm only just catching up.


Pro-Life Rally

Saturday November 24th


The John Radclife hospital, outside St Anthony of Padua Church

Those of us who can't be there will add our prayers to theirs.

She has also sent me THIS LINK about the awful plight of disabled children in Bulgaria.
Please check out the link and sign the petition to ask the PM to bring with up with the Bulgarian Govt.
Ideally I would like to see adoption opportunities set up so families from Bulgaria and other countries such as the UK can offer proper homes to these children.
Anyway we pray and hope.


gemoftheocean said...

Are you a fan of the 7-UP series? (I am.) IIRC one of the fellows (he grew up to be a lawyer) has an interest in Bulgaria (his mother was from there) - I think he has a charitable society somewhat along those lines. I wish I could remember more detail for you, but it's along the lines of "British Friends of Bulgaria" or some such, I seem to remember in the last "UP" there was some extensive coverage of his charitable org. in "his" segment.

[I'm a big fan of the "UP" series. I'm the exact same age. It's fascinating how people's life experiences mirrors one's own. Also reassuring too. "At least I'm not the ONLY one experiencing this..."]

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