Monday, 16 June 2008

In Praise of Dads

When my husband gets home from work, the little ones are in the habit of rushing to the door to meet him shouting "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Even the baby is beginning to join in, toddling after them saying "Dada, dada" as she goes.

The older ones, being teens, are not quite so highly expressive in their greeting, but they do show pleasure at their father's return.

The little ones like to try and be up early to have breakfast with daddy before he goes to work. If they sleep over and miss him the 5yr old Superhero can be quite upset. He in particular likes his 'dad time'. I think it is important for boys to have that 'dad time.'

I don't think it is very easy to be a dad these days. Working close to home is a luxury most men don't have these days, so little ones often find dad is a distant man they see briefly before bed. We are lucky that my dh gets home at a reasonable(ish) time and I keep the little ones up a little so they have time. Dad then puts them to bed and prays with them. It is very important that the children have prayer time with dad.

He leads Grace at meal times.

He has less time with the older ones and this has caused some concerns now and then.They get a bit cross when they want to have time with their dad-and there isn't any. As a result he has had to make a special effort to make the week last out so everyone has time with him.

Meal times are important as all the family sits around the table and we get to talk about our day, ideas and plans. This, too is important dad time.

A great deal is said these days about the dads who are not there for their kids, whether they live with them or not-and yes, we've all seen these dads; but there are dads out there trying to do their best in a society that thinks putting your family first is daft.
So, God bless them and St Joseph pray for them.


Anonymous said...

Very nice thoughts. Thank you for sharing them.

MaggieClitheroe said...

You are so right. My boy likes to be up to see Daddy off in the morning, and loves him to spend time with him in the evening. But it IS hard for Dads, they need time to relax too. MY hubby has had to spend his evenings these last few weeks, marking exams - it is hard for children, when Dad is there, but not there for them! HOpe your beloved enjoyed his Father's Day.
I'm still considering my reply to your question about Catechism resources - Faith and Light is good - we used it with our son up to his 1st Communion, and a year after. My sister teaches Catechism classes, and likes it. I'm not sure what is best for the older ones though - that is hubby's domain, seein' as he's the RE teacher round here!! I'll quiz him on it - when I remember!! I've got a nice craft thingy on my blog about the Sacred Heart - you might be interested in!
God Bless.

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