Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I can drive!!

WHEY-HEY! Roll I went out for a 2hr driving lesson in a crip-adapted car today. The instructor said I was a good driver (thank you very much) and that I should not have any problems.
It does feel pretty weird driving with just a left foot and left hand, and I was tempted to use my right foot a couple of times, but I soon got used to it. Being an automatic, I found the lack of clutch a bit odd-but again I soon got used to it.

I haven't driven for nearly 5 yrs since I became disabled and I thought I would have forgotten how, but the instructor told me, "Once a driver, always a driver," and it soon came back to me.
I've booked another lesson in Oct just be sure though; cautious as ever.

The car goes into the garage (a specialist place just north of Leeds) on 22nd Oct for the special adjustments to be made and then I'll be driving! Convertible Female


Anonymous said...

Oh very well done! God bless..

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

thanks. I'm looking forward to a new freedom.

gemoftheocean said...

YEA!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! You go, girl!!! Zoom-zoom!!! I'm totally stoked for you!!!

Ebeth said...

Great!! that's wonderful. Now you can enjoy new places, and even help others out! Congrats!

squeek, squeek, squeek!! (my sneekers) hehehehe

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

LOL! and thanks.
You're right about being able to help others too. We have an elderly friend who in the early days of our marriage was so supportive. We were neighbours and there for her when her husband became ill and died.
But since I've been like this it has been more difficult to see her, especially as she is 83 now and becoming frail.
Well soon I'll be able to visit her regularly. I've actually timetabled it into the home ed so we don't too easily let other things take over.
I'll be able to be more involved in the home ed group as well.

I will have to be cautious because I can't take my drugs and drive-and so pain levels are a problem, but I am determined to get out there with the children and be more useful.

Philip Andrews said...