Monday, 10 September 2007

My daughter has been baptised.

Yesterday at Mass my youngest child was baptised.

We had a visiting priest who made the event very special and reminded the parishioners just what baptism is for. He talked about Original Sin and how my daughter would be cleansed of it and brought into the body of Christ.

Father made it very clear how important our promises as parents and godparents are. We are promising God and my daughter that we will bring her up in the faith.

He anointed her chest, and her head and poured a great deal of water over her. I think he really wanted to make sure all that original sin got washed away.

As many of our friends and family are not Catholic or are lapsed this was a wonderful moment for evangelising and I was touched that Father used it so well. He pointed out that we need to put Christ first in our lives and that could mean giving up things that are bad for us, but which we rather like. He used the Gospel from the previous weeks showing the continuous thread of the Lectionary- saying even if our families disapprove we must answer God's call.

Afterwards we went for a little party. Sr 'Mary Kate' could only stay a short time; nuns work so hard and she had something to get back to.
May I ask you to pray for her sister who is having a lung biopsy today. It is a scary time as you can well imagine.

We had a beautiful day-and I might even go public and post some least I'm thinking about it.


freddie said...

Well, this is a great news to read in a blog! All the best for your daughter and you as a mum. I'll thank the good Lord too for the gift of Baptism to her.
God bless you
Pace e Bene
freddie from Rome

Rita said...

Wonderful news! You are all in my prayers tonight.

Please pray for my youngest sister who has yet to be baptised, and for my parents who originally made that fateful decision not to get her baptised as an infant. There is currently no sign of a change of heart in any of them....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations..i feel for you as most of my wider family are all practicing Catholics & great evangelists..

Esther said...


Ttony said...

I always think that the day your child is baptised is the one day you are allowed to be, and enjoy being, proud. But you've got a lot more experience than I have!