Thursday, 20 September 2007

Pro-Life Witness in Reparation for Abortion and Prayers for
All Unborn Babies,
Their Mothers and Fathers

29th September
27th October
24th November
From 3-4pm

We will be standing at the entrance of the John Radcliffe hospital for an hour of peaceful witness – please join us and bring a friend.
Refreshments available in the hall afterwards.

Headley Way, Headington, Oxford
We meet outside St Anthony of Padua RC Church.

Amanda Lewin:

Amanda does great work in Oxford, please support her with your prayers if you cannot be there.
Here is a photo of my youngest daughter when she was 12 weeks gest. I loved her then as much as I love her now.
How many mums would choose to kill their chidl is they saw the scan?


Anonymous said...

A great pro-life initiative. However some of my friends refuse to have scans as they are still kind of invasive ..what do you think?

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I am grateful for the scans I have had. I lost two babies and was blessed to see my second son on a scan just before he died-I was seven weeks pregnant and lost him a few days later.
Scans played a part in saving my oldest daughter when she had cord entanglement and monitors saved the life of my youngest who went into serious distress with a heartbeat of 200+
Scans are also a massive pro-life witness.

I don't consider external scans invasive at all. I have only had internal scans when I had my miscarriages.

If people want to choose not to have them-that's up to them.

Philip said...

PLease God, that people will be open to the message!

gemoftheocean said...

From what I gather MANY a time a mother to be who was considering an abortion saw a scan and that convinced her to give birth.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

You're right. There was a lady somewhere your side of the pond who raised the money to buy a place opposite a PP Clinic-she was a radiographer and bought a machine and began offering free scans to would be customers of the PP Mill. She has not only saved many mothers from making a terrible mistake-saving their babies' lives, but she has saved a lot of girls from handing over money for an abortion when they were not even pregnant.

A house keeps coming up for sale opposite the abortion mill near me. I pray and pray for a way to do the same thing.