Sunday, 20 April 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica is 85 today! Happy Birthday Mother!
I have been watching the Pope's visit to America on EWTN either on TV or because I don't get the time, in bits online. You can catch it all HERE.
She has given us a great gift with EWTN and at times like this; when I know I would not be able to trust the coverage offered by the MSM having her network to turn to is a Godsend.
I receive the little newsletter from the Poor Clares. They have been sending it ever since I wrote asking for their prayers for someone in my family during a rather difficult time. I know God hears the prayers of Mother in a special way because she loves Him so much.
Thanks to her Catholic media has taken off over the USA and that means people like me living in the UK have access to the Truth in a way that was unimaginable when I was a teen looking for answers.
I know that all the stuff I listen to; Catholic Answers, Relevant Radio, Fr Stan Podcasts etc have come from her dream, from her work and her pain.
So God bless Mother Angelica.


Anonymous said...

Many Happy returns to her!

Marie said...

As I said on another blog it is amazing to see what one person can do IF they are working for God's Glory.


Peace to you WhiteStoneNameSeeker:)

Marie xoxooxxo

Joyful Catholics said...

How great to find this. Thanks. I love her so much! She'll be going straight to heave me thinks! What a dear, holy, blessed soul!

Joyful Catholics said...

Of course, I meant heaven in the comment above, but also, I wanted to say, that your new blogsite looks great! I haven't been here for some time. I'm in Wisconsin now, and going to Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine on Monday. Can't wait!

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