Friday, 25 April 2008

Strikes and that Kipper Tie feeling.

As the rubbish piles up along our street and the schools close-I am getting that 1970's feeling. I could just see us breaking out the kipper ties and brown jackets with orange overstitiching Sick.

I haven't really been watching the news much so although I knew the strike was happening-I have friends who are teachers-I wasn't too sure what it was all about.

The BBC news yesterday was interesting in the way they covered it. Now, I know quite a few teachers. All of them have a very good grasp of the English language and can string a sentence together without a thick accent. They are quite capable of articulating a position, should they be asked.

However the BBC reporter managed to interview three teachers (I think it was three) all of whom came across as rather lacking in basic educational ability. The idea that these were qualified teachers was rather shocking. But just as they may have persuaded me to have no sympathy with their position at all they flicked across to Ed Balls, a sinister minister extraordinaire. The kids had all come charging into the room at this point so I couldn't hear what he said-but even my son commented on his scary bulging eyes! How does he make his face do that!?
So my rubbish sits on the pavement, and the kids in the neighbourhood are not at school, and while I think nurses have received an equally bad deal on the pay front and they are not striking-the fact that teachers have Ed Balls in charge of them is all I need to offer them sympathy in their plight.


Rita said...

Bring on the power outages, the bread and sugar shortages and "war" with Iceland (some of my earliest memories), let's have a real 1970s maybe not.

Something is very wrong though, isn't it?

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Indeed, something rotten in the state...

Kit Brookside said...

Yuck. Any end in sight?

I've done a long-overdue awards post, so please come by if you're an awards fan, because you've got some coming!

sexy said...