Monday, 28 April 2008

Breastfeeding to avoid breast cancer

Sky News carried THIS story today showing that far too many women are unaware that breast feeding their children can help reduce the risk of breast cancer quite substantially. Of course among NFPers this is common knowledge, and I was a little surprised that so few women knew about the link. I would have thought that midwives would have been trained to mention it to new mums to help encourage breastfeeding. Having said that no midwife has ever mentioned it to me.

It might be worth getting the message out that chemical contraception and abortion increase the risk of breast cancer substantially.
My friend who is going through the process with her breast cancer at the moment realises she must ensure her daughter never uses chemical contraceptives. No professional has advised her of this however, even though she is one of the very young (pre-menopause) women to have cancer-a statistic that is increasing. My friend was put on the pill as a teenager because she was having problems, as many teens do. Doctors were very quick to prescribe the Pill despite its awful side effects, rather than looking at other ways to help teens regulate problems with their periods.
So ladies-get off those horrible chemicals and breast feed.