Thursday, 1 May 2008

Silent No More


Saturday, 10th May12pm - 2pm,

Cornmarket, Oxford. (Right at the top, near Barclays Bank )

This is an event where women who have experienced the pain of abortion speak out publicly. It is a chance for them to share their testimony of how deeply abortion has affected their lives. Just hearing their witnesses is a powerful, pro-life opportunity.

We need supporters to come and stand silently whilst the women speak. There are placards people can hold or just stand there in support.We also need STEWARDS - if anyone can help, please let me know and I'll pass it on to Amanda

If you're unable to attend, please say a prayer for the women to touch many people's hearts and minds.God Bless and many thanks!
You can visit the SILENT NO MORE website.


Angie said...

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Joeysmom said...

That is so good that they are holding this event. I will say a prayer that day.

Marie said...

More women need to speak up about what abortion means to both the mother and father of their aborted babies.
The world will have young people believe that getting rid of a baby is about as painful as having a pimple burst..And so many fall for it and then find themselves haunted by what they have done.

I wish this group well and hope the word spreads.

Peace to you:)WhiteStoneNameSeeker

Marie xoxoxo

ritan said...

Dear Blogger:

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, recently posted two videos on YouTube in which he describes and demonstrates the two most common abortion procedures, using plastic fetal models, the actual instruments of abortion, and the words found in medical textbooks and court testimony.

You can view these videos at: (Dismemberment abortion) (Suction abortion).

These videos are part of a new project called, "Is This What You Mean?" It aims to educate the public about the nature of abortion and to challenge public officials and candidates who support the legality of abortion to admit what it is. A full description of the project is at

I am requesting that you post links on your blog to these two videos and/or to the full explanation of this powerful project.

We in the pro-life community have been fed up for a long time with “public servants” who can’t seem to tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public. This election season in the United States, it’s time for that to change. No matter what politicians or voters or Church officials are or are not going to do, it’s time that we who know what abortion is, draw a line in the sand and give candidates and office-holders alike this challenge.

If you will help spread the word by posting these links please email

Thank you,

Rita N.

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