Friday, 16 May 2008

Feed the world

God is very generous. Like a Jewish mother He tends to make a bit more than is strictly necessary so there is always plenty to o around enough to share with anyone who happens to pop by.

The world He made does have the capacity and some to produce enough food to feed everyone and have twelve baskets over-so why is food suddenly so scarce and so expensive? Why are reporters telling us that the days of cheap food are over?

I watched the shocking sight on the news the other night of mothers in Haiti making 'cakes' for their children out of the plaster from their houses because they had nothing to eat. Meanwhile up the road in the local town the market was packed with food no one could afford to buy! Even the wealthier people were living on absolute basics because that was all they could afford.

So what's going on?

Some reports say China has been wanting more food. Other commentators seem baffled by this because China's population is hardly growing, why would they suddenly need to be importing food?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that the Chinese Govt-with British help and funding-have been forcibly aborting their workforce for so long they don't have farmers to grow the rice?

Just wondering.

Then there's the little business of getting greener by making biofuels-not by using chip oil you understand, that's illegal; ask the Welsh-no by using other people's food staples such as Maize apparently.
I have noticed that while bread costs a small fortune here in England the fields are yellow with rape rather than golden with wheat.
Just wondering...
But the news coverage just had to mention that old canard 'population increasing' to explain the starvation faced in the Philipines. Somehow the corrupt government the inability of political regemes to distribute food, the lack of free trade and even the business of biofuel production is nothing compared to those damned brown people having babies.
Housing has become a problem there because the are building on land that they ought to grow food on. Surely that is more about corruption and pure incompetence than because poor people have children.
My son works with a Burmese girl who has family out there. Her parents are okay, but have lost the roof of their house and her other family members have no house at all any longer. Please say a prayer-they are not as badly off as some people out there; but they are suffering.
But it's not so much the weather that's the hideous problem for the people of Burma (and yes, the people still call it Burma) but their incredibly evil government who will not allow aid to the people are already in the process of stealing the small amount they have allowed into the country.
And where are the UN? Ah yes, watch the action.


gemoftheocean said...

The UN *IS* the problem. Corrupt to the core and props up manufactured crises so they can personally profit by it.

Rita said...
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Rita said...

The UN is part of the problem, but greed is everywhere and they are not responsible for all the greed in the world.

Everybody blaming someone else rather than doing something themselves:
(1) The vegetarians blame the meat eaters saying they are wasting the earth's resources.
(2) The west blames China which is becoming increasingly wealthy and wanting western style diets.
(3) Liberals blame the "population explosion".
(4) Many blame the rush to grow bio-fuels.

Those of us who have enough should eat less, eat more simply, and thank God for every last crumb.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

The UN are a huge part of the problem; they have the power to do something very contructive but wont.

The other thing we can do is waste less. I try very hard not to throw food away. If we can't eat it we have neighbours and elderly friends who might be glad of something cooked and free.
Got to say though with two huge lads in the house food wastage is rarely a problem!

And yes, we do need to be a lot more grateful. When I think that my son's friend has family in Burma I think-at least I know my family are safe, sheltered and fed.

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