Wednesday, 21 May 2008

So much evil...

I would like to light a candle, rather than curse the darkness, but my little light seems so fragile against the thick, choking darkness that is loosed on Britain these days. Of course the HFE Bill was passed. Did anyone doubt otherwise? Was that lack of faith or hope on my part? Or was it simply facing the reality of the utter contemptuous corruption of those who have power in this country.
I do not doubt there are Catholics out there who have both the ability and the media savvy to stand up and lead the rest of us to oppose all this evil that is crashing in on us-but for some reason they wont.
While the poor self pitying cripple was wheeled out on the news to say he needed a lot of babies murdered to find him a cure (well, not those words but that's what he meant)-there was no self-assertive cripple to say adult stem cells are working and will do fine thank you.

I tried to fight when it came to the horror of children needing to be adopted by a mum and dad, being sacrificed to political expediency and handed over to unstable families particularly homosexual couples. But what could I write? After I had written to a couple of MPs it came to light that Catholic adoption agencies had been handing children over to unmarried couples and single gay people already. A gay couple would be better than a single actively gay person for crying out loud! What in heaven's name were/are these agencies thinking? Why did they pretend to be Catholic?

My husband worked with a situation in which a couple were allowed to adopt siblings despite the fact their marriage was already very fragile indeed. As soon as the papers were signed the couple split and took one child each so they split the children as well!!!! Social services seemed completely unable or unwilling to deal with the situation.
Another family I have known where they managed to have children with severe behavioural and moral problems but continued to adopt more children. How did they get them?

My fellow homeschooler Amanda works so hard for the Pro-Life cause. She isn't a big name, or a famous blogger-but she does more than any of those people with the tiny resources she has.
God bless her.

I feel powerless sometimes-well a lot of the time. And I am so angry when I look at those who have been given a position of authority in our Church and other Christian communities and DO NOTHING.

I will keep praying and fight when I can and blog about it even if no one reads it.
In the end the Immaculate Heart with Triumph.


Jackie Parkes said...

Hi please update to my new blog...many thanks..

AutumnRose said...

So very, very sad :(

MaggieClitheroe said...

Could be seriously depressing if we didn't believe, as you say, that in the end "My Immaculate Heart will triumph". I've blogged on this, and put your comment from Carpe Canum's post in mine. I concluded with the same sentiments as yours re the Catholic hierarchy - When will those in authority DO something?

Mrs Pea said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I wondered what you thought of this thread at the adoptionuk board,

It's about a blogger who was a CAHMS nurse and who has a CAHMS nurse husband, and the posts she has written recently, and what can be "done about it".

It may or may not be about you, but I thought it might be worth a read

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I will fight for the welfare of children. I am unknown and the case studies are UNKNOWN. If the rights of children can't be fought for what can?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I wasn't posting anon as a troll, but for other reasons. I was just a little worried for you/your dh about the whole "what can I do about it?" side of the thread.

It seems like children's rights are meaningless nowadays. The right to life? Not so much. The right to contraception and secret abortion? Yes! The right to a safe, "normal" family life? Well not if that would be against the rights of homosexuals.

May all the saints in heaven pray for our children.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Thank you. God bless you and may He bless all those who have adopted children into their loving homes and may He bless and comfort those like Maggie above who are too Catholic, too Christian, a homeschooler and so too weird to be allowed a child into their loving home.

Mrs Pea said...

I'm so cross about Maggie's situation.

My own little one's are BETTER in a loving Christian home, going to mass, recieving sacraments, being led to the manger-side and to the foot of the cross to be close to the Lord. It is the very best sort of home for a child, a loving catholic home.

St William of Rochester, St Thomas More, St Clothilde - pray for Maggie. St Rita, pray for Maggie.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Thankyou SO much, Mrs Pea, and WSNS for your support and prayers, but nothing short of a miracle now would enable us to adopt -sigh-.

Mrs Pea said...

WSNS, there are some very worrying comments on that thread at adoptionuk. It seems very unnecessary to me. Sigh.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Mrs Pea-just keep praying. I deliberately chose to remain anon for my blogging because I wanted to stand up for the rights of children from conception onwards and I KNEW this would lead to threats.
Thank you for your gentleness and support.

Mrs Pea said...

Yes, I certainly will pray for you.

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