Friday, 14 December 2007

"...the best place in the world for children..."

Mac (Mulier Fortis) has commented on yet more curriculum shenanigans designed to make learning as boring and meaningless as possible for our children. She describes the lowering of standards particularly in science where she notes that the old O'level textbooks were of a higher standard than present day A'levels.
On Thinking Love, No Twaddle there is more on this.

Meanwhile Jackie (CatholicMomOf10-scroll down) has been writing a lot about the forced introduction of sex education into even our primary schools and now the Govt are saying pharmasists can hand over the Pill to under 16 yr old girls.

The experts scratch their propaganda filled heads and wonder why despite all the offered to children on how to do sex...safely of course, that they are going out and doing it and yet still managing to be pregant and riddled with disease. Instead of wondering if the problem lies with the education they insist in more of the same-with NO research to back it up.

Of course the science and Maths syllabus is such a mess these days there are few people left who actually know how to do research I suppose-and going by the standard of some medical research that is much the same everywhere.

A great deal of science GCSE is dedicated to such things as 'over population' and 'environmentalism'-which is a politcal message not one based on empirical data.

The Govt, worried about the state of our children who are self harming, taking prozac and more obese than ever before wants to make sure their parents are kept as far away from them as possible. Make mothers go to work or lose benifits; make schools open from early morning until the evening and keep the kids in the institution for as long as possible.

When these children have no adult to go to and so end up looking for love in abusive sexual relationships. But don't worry, the psychological effects and disease inherent in this is of no matter-they can nip to the chemist and get the Pill. The side effects are mild, deep vein thrombosis, depression, weight gain, cramping, migraine, infertility, breast cancer-nothing to worry about. Obviously nothing to worry about as there is no strategy to deal with those side effects.

Parents, who are being sidelined in all of this will of course be expected to pick up the pieces of their daughter's destroyed health and wellbeing I do not doubt.

A 17yr old was recently advised that if she wished to get financial help to continue her studies now both her parents were dead, she had better get pregnant.

Then The Sinister-minister for familiy, schools and interference says "Our aim is to make this country the best place in the world for our children and young people to grow up."


swissmiss said...

My sister-in-law who lives in Geneva told me that when companies are experiencing a down turn, there is a tendency for women employees to get pregnant because, according to her, it is hard to layoff a pregnant woman.

Contracept until unemployment threatens...or something like that. Babies are otherwise seen as a nuisance.

The schools are in a similar fix in the US. Children can't pray in school but they can get the pill.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I think that happens here too.
The whole business of offering something as toxic as the Pill to children appalls me. And the idea that someone could go behind my back to collude with some abuser and give my daughter this stuff!!
We don't have statutary rape laws here.
One of the things missing in all this sex ed and heavily pushed abortions is how desperately unhappy most of these sexually active teens are; how desperately they are looking for love and acceptance. I have even worked with a couple of girls who were getting themselves into these awful situations as a form of self harm. The Pill does not help any of this.

The other thing I remember was the terribly low standard of literacy and vocab when I taught in a college. Many of the girls (including one who was 14) had been put on the depot by their social worker and had NO IDEA what it did, how or why!
What a mess

Marie said...

You know I get so tired of hearing 'experts' speak about our youth. Lets face it since these 'experts' have taken over we have NO prayer in schools, NO religious instructions.

What WE do have now is higher pregnancy rate, proliferation of STD's, condoms in childrens toilets,books like Debbie has two mothers, and children killing children but we are supposedly 'better off'.

Oh, spare the empty rhetoric from these 'experts'!

Jackie does make very excellent points on her blog. I thought Australia was problematic but England is just as bad.

We need to PRAY for our Church and our Youth.

Excellent piece Ty Whitestonenameseeker:)

Peace & JOY to you:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link..i agree with on..

antonia said...

The government is toatlly pathetic

gemoftheocean said...

"A 17yr old was recently advised that if she wished to get financial help to continue her studies now both her parents were dead, she had better get pregnant. "

Shocking. But unfortunately probably true. I'm surprised that you say you have no statutory rape laws. That shocks me too. Here the laws vary from state to state as to the age of consent. a While back I had a blog about sex education in the early 70s (the sex ed given to us, and we were in a very liberal era overall back then too) but it was NOTHING like the constant bombardment given to youth of today from every angle. TV then would look very puritan by today's [lack of] standards.