Monday, 3 December 2007

Shine a light on his dark materials

I was surprised and a little disappointed to hear Teresa Tommeo say that Christian parents ARE buying the Pullman books for their children because they feel under pressure to do so.
Honestly-and if a load of people decide eating poisonous mushrooms is fashionable would they buy those for their children too?

I have heard the shallow arguement that those of us who have not read-and will not read- the anti-Christian polemic of Pullman cannot judge them. Oh yes we can. We judge them based on what those who have read them say.
I do not need to eat poisonous mushrooms to know for myself they are poisonous-I trust the witness of sensible people who tell me they are.

The film has been toned down apparently; So what? How much poison do we want to feed our children?
Have a look at Philip's blog side bar
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And I highly recommend THIS POST on the subject with a thanks to my friend Shana for supplying it.
All this should offer more than enough information to parents so that they spend their money more wisely for Christmas.

I have allowed Harry Potter-although only my oldest has read HP and he hasn't bothered with the later books as he got bored. He also received a copy of the Da Vinci Code from family members who didn't seem to realise what an anti-Catholic piece it was. My son decided to read it because he wanted to be able to answer questions on it-but he found it so badly written he gave up before he got half way through.

Pullman is a so so writer apparently-and I suppose we can be grateful for that. But so many children are given rubbish to read- what my heroine Charlotte Mason would have called 'twaddle'- that they will not be able to see how nasty these books are.

As parents we have a right and duty to educate our children and that means taking due care and attention of what they read.
I see so much about how awful TV is and yet parents let their kids read anything.

It's Advent and yesterday's readings were all about WAKING UP! Let us wake up and put on the armour of Christ and then the little darknesses like Pullman and his books and the film are easily defeated.

"Let nothing you dismay"


antonia said...

I agree. I wouldn't read the books, and if I had children I wouldn't let them read them either. They do have some very OVERT anti-Christian (and specifically anti-Catholic) themes.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Nice to see you Antonia :)
You're right the books are OVERT in their agenda. Up until recently Pullman didn't pretend there was no agenda.

Ebeth said...

You GO girl!!!


Joyful Catholics said...


Check out ninveh's crossing article by Protestant film critic! Top notch!


Joyful Catholics said...

that's NINEVEH'S CROSSING...oops

Anonymous said...

i agree entirely with you...

Anonymous said...

Can you e-mail me i need to put you in touch with a homeschooling family?

Many thanks

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Thanks Susie
I am a fan of Stan at Nineveh's Crossing.
Email on its way Jackie.

I have recently found a lot of ignorance among my friends about this film and the books. Too many people get their info from the MSM and believe it! Go figure.

Marie said...

I saw an ADD here that is promoting the Golden Compass by putting it in cereal boxes. I just wish I could remember what cereal? Grrr at my memory!

It is prudent to know that satan never rests and the knowledge that Jesus has Overcome evil.

Peace & JOY to you:)