Monday, 3 December 2007

Christmas Shopping

Three Kings It is time to choose those special gifts for those we love and send the cards. Yes, even with the non-consumerist Christmas we try to have I still have to buy stuff. I thought I would recommend some things and places to do your shopping.

First I would like to recommend the beautiful rosary bracelets made by my friend Shana. She made the one in the photo for me after I asked specifically for one with flat beads with different colours on either side so I could be distracted by the children during a decade and still not forget where I was. She's a lovely lady - a homeschooling mum of 8. The rosaries are well made-mine has proved to be baby proof! A lovely Christmas gift.

I also recommend Aid to the Church in Need- they sell a good selection of cards and small gifts, some of which are olive wood items made by the beleagured Christian community in Bethelehem.

Chris Holden at St Anthony Communications is offering a membership of £3.95 a month. Check out his tapes, bookes, CDs and DVDs. I think supporting the little man is good.

I also recommend Family Publications

I haven't bought anything for Christmas from the RNLI but they are a great charity and save many many lives every year.

I also order some extra stuff from the milkman. He is self employed and trying to earn a living to care for his family. I am a great believer is supporting the little man, especially the self employed ones. On this note I will probably buy some stuff from the Deli where my son works.

This does not mean I don't shop at the biggies like Woolies-they employed one of my children too for a while. I am well aware of how difficult some of our older teens are finding it to get a job and the 'biggies' employ a lot of people.

I have bought a lot of fair trade stuff over the years-but I am less certain about it as a system and am holding off this year. Anyway how many sheshem wood boxes can anyone need?

Of course I am avoiding Oxfam and Cafod and Christian Aid the condom pushers.

We make a lot of pressies-mincemeat, jams, cakes, cookies, Turkish Delight, tablet, fudge etc. and we make some of the cards we send as well, but I do still shop a bit.

(Hope Marie and Ginny don't demand the award back Winky )

Happy Advent Christmas Angel


Marie said...


what wonderful choices you have made for Christmas.

I have to admit I have stayed away from all the presents 'made in China'..I have tried to buy locally made crafts, etc.

Peace & JOY to you:)

Marie...PS> PLZ send some of your delicious food to my place *big grin* LOL!heehee!

AutumnRose said...

Why are you avoiding CAFOD, out of interest?

I have memed you here hon:

Have a wonderful day!
AR xx :)

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I'm avoiding Cafod because they are pushing the 'condom' mantra. There is no evidence that condoms help to reduce HIV and in fact the research suggests the more condoms are pushed-the highter the HIV rate. Baring in mind that condoms are pretty bad at preventing pregnancy, it seems fairly obvious they will be pretty poor at prevening HIV.
I think it's pretty arrogant of Cafod to override the Church and science on this-and really it's just to get the Govt handouts I feel.

Marie said...

Er what is CAFOD?

To hand out condoms is NOT correct if it is a Catholic organization?

Peace to you:)


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Sorry Marie-just saw your question;
Cafod is the UK Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. They get Govt money so they bend with the wind quite a bit. I don't trust them for a number of reasons-condoms is the main one.