Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Year's Revolution

It was G.K.Chesterton who said something to the effect of "When people stop believing in the supernatural, they don't turn to the natural, but to the un-natural."

The natural order of things is that parents have a "right and duty" (FC1) to take care of our children. I have an old Penny Catechism and Question 201 asks “What is the duty of parents towards their children?” “The duty of parents towards their children is to provide for them, to instruct and correct them, and to give them a good Catholic education.”

It could easily be argued that parents have had a hard time with this thanks to the shoddy standard of RE in most Catholic schools- but it is the Government that is posing the greatest threat to the rights of parents and the rights and well being of our children in the UK. Tony Blair and now Gordon Brown seem to have a vendetta against the family; supporting family breakdown, gay partnerships and ownership of children, abortion up to birth for disabled children and having disabled adults killed if they are deemed too sick to be bothered with.
Families who try to stick together and care for the sick in their midst are financially penalised.

My husband works with more than one family where dad has a separate address for benefit reasons- where mum and dad would lose out if they actually got married!

Meanwhile as Cherie Blair is up to her elbows in International Planned Parenthood her husband and his Govt have been pushing sex education at teens and younger children despite the consistent lack of results. The more children put condoms on bananas, the higher the teen pregnancy rates go and the higher the STD rates get. Chlamydia is now one of the major contributers to the massive rise in infertility in the UK.

Not content with this Brown and his ilk have been relentlessly pushing for mums to go to work -particularly single mums. This ensures that children have no role model in their lives, no parent at home for them. The the level of alcohol abuse rockets and the sinister ministers in the Govt scratch their empty heads and wonder.

To answer the self made problems they try and force more of the same on us. More sex ed for even younger children; free contraception to ensure more cervical and breast cancer; more abortion- massive doses of hormone to be given to children behind their parent's backs.

Then when a bishop (and God knows this is rare here) begins to stand up for the faith as Bishop O'Donoghue seems to be doing-the totalitarian sinister ministers decide he needs to answer questions.

It's time to fight back. It is time to demand real education in our schools and freedom to educate our children as we see fit. It is time to protect our children and demand the Government back off.

I would like to think the bishops would lead the way-but that's a laugh; it is up to us to each do a little bit ourselves and stand together.
So my New Year's resolution is to start a revolution, with my own kids and offer it to anyone else who would like.


Sister Mary Martha said...

Hello! I just dropped over to wish you a Happy New Year.

Philip said...

I love your tag for this post: "rant"! LOL

You are so very right, though. After all these years of 'rights, without responsibilities', you'd think the powers that be would see that things aren't working. But, no!

I guess you have to be common sensible to have common sense in the first place.

God bless.

swissmiss said...

Rant away sister! I thought this was a very good post and in great need of implementation everywhere. Lately, Planned Parenthood is opening little "clinics" in the suburbs very quietly. I'm surprised where I find them. Pretty soon they will be a chain store just like Starbucks.