Friday, 18 January 2008

Spreadin' love Award

Philip has kindly awarded me the "Spread the Love Award" and I am to spread the love around eight others. Now around here the best way I know of to spread love is with marmite spread. Marmite with a touch of champagne no less. So I hand on not only the award but some virtual marmite too. Spread it on virtual toast and enjoy.
I would like to spread this to
1. Marcella-who doesn't blog but can still spread that love
5. Fr Ray Blake - because priests spread so much REAL LOVE with the Eucharist.
6. La Mamma because her pots and pans are BACK!


Fr Ray Blake said...

Many thanks!

Fr Justin said...

I'm touched! And, fortunately, I'm one of those who like Marmite!
A great big slather of Marmite to you, too.

Michael Clifton said...

Fr Mildew thanks you very much for marmite. I do like it. Hope it has the cover you indicate in the photo.

la mamma said...

Marmite. Hmm. When we have jelly (or 'jello') at home, I don't have any, as I'm not keen on it but always mention to my children that if someone gave it to me at a party, I'd just say 'thank you very much' and eat it all up. I suppose I ought to practise what I teach and say 'thank you very much' for the Marmite and eat it all up... Is there any more (it is Friday, after all...)?

marcella said...

How lovely! Thank you! How did you know Marmite was one of my favourite things?! Perhaps great minds don't just think alike, they also like Marmite.

Paulinus said...

That's very kind

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

You are all most welcome and deserving.
I don't spend much time on the net really-just the blogs and a few good Catholic sites or home ed stuff. I think I have been sheltered. Occasionally I venture out into unknown waters and what I find there is very, very nasty; hatred, foul language, unintelligent diatribe. It is so bad I have wondered how people can even think like that, let alone post those thoughts for public viewing.

I come back to Catholic-blog land, where even if people get a little heated sometimes; it is never vitriolic or hateful.

God bless

marcella said...

re:your comment on the net. YES. You are right to stick to Catholic blog land. This is why you are seeing on your blog. I've had my typing fingers burned on yahoo groups by contact with some rather odd people - though to be fair have met some nice ones too. One knows where one stands in Catholic-land, though, which eases communication.