Friday, 11 January 2008

Pro-Life; get out those beads

ADDITION! Amanda has emailed me with a petition against care professionals being coerced to perform and take part in abortions. "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to PROTECT HEALTHCARE WORKER RIGHT OF CONSCIENCE BY LAW. " Please sign it fellow pro-life UKers.
Sat 26th January 08
at 3pm
The John Radcliffe Hospital,
St Anthony of Padua Church Oxford

Please come and meet at Headley Way Headington for a peaceful witness for the unborn children. There is refreshment in the hall afterwards.
For those who cannot attend please add your prayers for those who are there, and for the babies killed and their parents.

Amanda Lewin, a friend and fellow homeschooling mum does a great deal to coordinate this. Thank God for her and all who join her.

All you Brummies and anyone else who can make it are most cordially invited to a weekly Eucharistic Adoration
at SS Joseph and Helen Station Rd Kings Norton Birmingham
at 6pm
please note time change (not 7pm any more)
to pray for the pro-life cause and all those who are so hurt by the abortion industry.
SS Joseph and Helen have an abortion mill right at the end of the road. Every Good Friday the PP takes a prayer walk down to the mill and stands there will everyone -altar boys and himself in vestments. Then the walk continues around the block and back to church. The place is busy killing babies even on Good Friday.
For those who cannot be there in person - get out those beads, the greatest weapon of sin destruction- and get praying.
God bless


marcella said...

Hello WSNS
Love your blog, just found it. I will pray tonight for your son. I pray daily for all those called to the priesthood, and for all the priests that I know. I have visited Oscott - I have priestly friends - and can understand why he would have been put off as the only enquirer. Perhaps this vocation is not lost and he just needs a bit more time. He's so young.
I thank God for you - a Catholic mother who's not in it just to get their kids into the best schools!
Will save your blog to favourites and check in again.
Catholic, Wales, mother of 2, wife, 50, housewife.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Thank you Marcella.
God bless you

Leigh said...

Amen for your post!

Sorry to comment off topic but you don't have an e-mail listed...I could use your insight. I recently composed a post about being mystified about the decision to homeschool. It's by no means an attack upon those who make that choice. Rather, it's more of a request from those who do homeschool to educate me and others as to the merits of your choice. Please make comments on my blog or on your own. I will check back. Thanks.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Leigh-I will answer your question.
God bless

Anonymous said...

Oh i didn't no there was one there!Sick!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

It's low-key Jackie. Funny how something so normal as having an abortion has to be so secret...Perhaps there is hope in the fact they have a little shame-or am I grasping at straws?

Marie said...

To be honest I feel sorry for Catholics who work in the medical area. From nurses to Doctors and chemists.

If I were young I would discount medicine as a career immediately. There is NO way I'd give contraceptives, the morning after pill or any other medicines to people in order to avoid a pregnancy. I most certainly would NOT take part in an abortion.

I dont care about the 'law of the land.' As Catholics we are to follow the Moral Law of God which supercedes man made laws.

I truly believe there will be no peace in the world until abortion is once again OUTLawed.

Peace to you:)


marcella said...

Marie made an interesting comment, re the idea of discounting medicine as a career if one feels one cannot participate in certain procedures - in this case abortion - on moral or religious grounds.
I have heard it said by various people that if medical staff are prepared to be salaried by the NHS, they should also be prepared to do the job they are paid to do - including abortion, which they knew was one of the expected tasks when they undertook to train for their profession. I think this argument is not without reason.
NOT that I'm a supporter of abortion!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Interesting point Marcella. But it shows how much things have changed. Since when did working for the NHS have to include grossly unethical procedures? When I trained as a psych nurse in the 1980's there was an understanding that some staff would have ethical issues over ECT- which is hardly on a par with killing babies.
General nurses were able to opt out of the baby killing side of things although were expected to care for the mother's afterwards; I never came across anyone who objected to caring for the mothers post-abortion.
My sister nursed a mum who had aborted her daughter because of Downs and was an emotional wreck because of her decision. She kept asking to see her baby-but doctors refused. This is beyond tragic.
God bless

marcella said...

Gosh that's interesting. It would appear then that there has been a hardening of attitude in society as a whole. Disturbing. But why am I surprised? Our society is being progressively secularised!

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