Sunday, 6 January 2008

Teaching our kids about real love, life and sex

As part of my New Years resolution -or revolution-I am going to post about teaching sex to children and teens every so often throughout the year. I was listening to Teresa Tommeo on my MP3 player as I cooked the dinner today and she was interviewing Dr. Meg Meeker. They were actually talking about depression, but the doctor has written a couple of books which coincidentally you can read a bit about at Friends With Christ.

During their conversation Teresa Tommeo pointed out that this year was the 40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae. (25th July 1968). Sadly all that Pope Paul VI said would happen has happened-and maybe even worse than he envisioned.

Although, when I was a teen I was given a lot of conflicting information-but mainly told that HV could be safely ignored, we now have the stunning Theology of the Body from Pope John Paul the Great. I have found a whole load of podcasts about this-but I'll check them out before posting links.

Meanwhile on Thinking Love, No Twaddle there is some basic notes on answering the questions of a 4yr old-nearly 5yr old; not in quite the way I think our sinister ministers have in mind.

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Marie said...

I think sex education belongs in the family fold other wise the difference between sex and intimacy is distorted.

When I read how the youth in England are being educated about sex it really makes me riled. And then they say that 'Catholics are obsessed with sex.' NO! It is society who cant seem to think higher than their belt line.

Peace to you Whitestonenameseeker:)