Tuesday, 19 February 2008

China not so cool in Hollywood

Marie and Ginny have blogged on this. China's economy is growing quickly and Western countries such as Britain and the USA have been quick to cash in on this as wages over there are low. Gordan Brown has been able to ignore the appalling human rights abuses as he cosies up to the poisonous dragon. In the USA Martell have already been badly burned by their enjoyment of cheap Chinese production.

Now that Steven Spielberg has pulled out of the Olympic Games preparation over China's involvment in the slaughter of Dafur in Sudan the MSM has begun to sit up and take notice. I am a bit bewildered by Mr. Spielberg's sudden move as WAY before the Olympics were even offered to Beijing (something else that leaves me bewildered) China had a grim record on human rights abuses. China's own people live in fear and ask the Tibetans about freedom. How about Tiawan? Is that a new problem? Hardly!
We need to pray, we need to protest and we need to NOT WATCH the games. If no one watched the Games think of the loss of advertising revenue. If no one went, they would loose face, kudos and loads of money. Would that sacrifice be too great?


Ma Beck said...

Right on!

And for the two weeks during the Olympics, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Olympic sponsors - the biggies are McDonalds, Visa, etc...

Marie said...

Thanks for linking to us WhiteStoneNameSeeker:). I hope and PRAY that folks wont watch the Olympics. I doubt that governments will refuse to send our athletes to China but I DO hope that some athletes will refuse on principle alone.

Thank goodness Steve Spielberg pulled out hopefully others will follow.

Peace to you always:)


Marie said...

Now China is having a hissy fit over Steven Spielberg. Good on him for going against the flow and standing on Principle alone!

You have also been Memed hope you dont mind:).

Peace to you WhiteStoneNameSeeker:)


Christian said...

Wonderful Blog :) thankyou may God use all you write to bless many people :)

swissmiss said...

I hadn't even heard about Steven Spielberg's boycott of China! Good for him.

It is unfair to the athletes too, to have chosen China to host the games. They train all their lives and now have a moral dilemma. I pray some of them have the strength to stand up for what is right even if it is at the cost of their life's dream.

I really don't know what the Olympic committee was thinking when they awarded them the games. Hopefully, it will cause a huge publicity problem for China to have the spotlight of the world on them.