Monday, 25 February 2008

St Michael thrust your sword into Molech!

Both Fr Ray and Paul (OTSOA) have posted on the poor mother Emma, who has committed suicide after aborting her twins. The Telegraph carries the story. Shockingly there seems little concern at the almost non-existant standard of counselling this mother was offered either before or after the "procedure".

The babies were 8wks gest like the one in this picture.

So many mothers like Emma go through this, and afterwards there is no one to turn to. One day, not long after I had moved into the nurses home where I would live to do my training I came to the girl in the next room and found her sitting alone in semi-darkness crying. She told me, something apparently no one knew. She had become pregnant some 5 years earlier when she was 16. Her boyfriend had freaked out and she was terrified to tell her parents. So, completely alone, she had gone for an abortion. "He would have been 5 today" she told me. She knew when he was due-mother's do-and his loss had burned a hole in her heart. I sat with her and she cried.
In Oxford every month 20/25 people gather. The next meeting is:
29th March 3pm
St Anthony of Padua Church Oxford.
Also don't foret that there is ADORATION every
Wednesday from 7pm
at SS Joseph and Helen
Kings Norton Birmingham.
For those who can't attend either; light a little candle and say a prayer. Let's get St Michael to cast Molech into the deepest pit. He has too many temples and is doing too much trade.


Marie said...

I remember watching a Pro abortion documentary years ago. A famous woman(forget who) went to a house where she had had an abortion. Suddenly she began to weep and then turning to the camera's she said bewilderingly, 'I don't know why I'm crying.' The tears ran down her face, they ceased filming her.

The truth of abortion which NO Pro-Choice person will tell another is that the mother is forever HAUNTED by the child she helped to murder.

I pray that this woman & ALL women turn their lives to God and gain the healing they need:).

I cannot imagine living with such a decision on my soul, it would be horrific!

Peace to you my friend:)

Marie xoxoox

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