Saturday, 9 February 2008

Lent balm

Some time ago-probably around the time Superhero was born, I got out of the habit of reading Divine Office. I did miss it, but life was just so busy and then more babies came and things certainly didn't get any quieter-just getting a couple of garbled decades of the rosary was sometimes a challenge like climbing Everest.

It's Lent and I have been thinking for a while I just wanted to get back to Divine Office. So I decided to try. I'm using Universalis as it's on the computer and has no fragile pages to be attacked by small people. I can read it in dim light with a baby attached to me and I actually get it done!

Divine Office is balm for the soul. I hadn't realised how much I missed it until I started saying it again. If you get the chance-I recommend it, even if you can only do one session now and again.
I am also going to spend a bit of proper time on Spe Salvi which so far I have only sped read.

And finally I am going to try and fit in reading Marcus Grodi's new novel 'How Firm A Foundation'

Oh, and in case you think you're thinking all that sounds a bit cushy (and I guess it does), yes, I am giving stuff up, not spinach (yuk).


marcella said...

Well done for even attempting the DO when you have such a busy life. I only 'graduated' to it this year, after a few years on Morning and Evening Prayer. I've only just bought my Volume 3 of the DO ready for when we return to Ordinary Time.
I just love the DO, I love to start and end the day with it even if I don't do the Prayer in the Day. It connects me to the world of believers and is a physical reminder of our unity in the Spirit. And it gives me perspective and balance. I treasure these books.

Marie said...

What a wonderful way of life, not just for Lent but for the entire year to pray the Divine Office.

Peace to you whitestonenameseeker:)


Adrienne said...

I didn't even know Marcus Grodi had a novel. Thanks for the tip. I'll be getting it.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I am struggling to do the DO and get rosary done. It seems to be a bit hit'n'miss. I am trying to offer up my housework and parenting as prayer.
I am managing (mostly) to do either morning or night prayer and sometimes (SHOCK!) I have done both-but not without lots of distraction. I'm plodding on.

Marcus Grodi's book is excellent so far.
God bless ladies.