Saturday, 2 February 2008

Conversation with a 4yr old

I praised the Superhero (4yrs) and the Tornado(3yrs) for the way they are including the Blubbernugget (1omths) in their play.

Superhero: "Mum, when can we have another baby?"
Husband: choke, splutter, "Well, I don't think we..."
Mum (me) "Well, I don't know darling. We will have to consider that."
Superhero: "But God has lots more twinkle's in His eye doesn't He? Can't He give us another one?"
Mum-thinking quickly! "I think we will have to pray about that and ask God what He wants to do."
Superhero: "So we could have another baby?"
Mum. "God might decide He wants to give His twinkles to other people now..."
Superhero: "But we could have another baby."
Mum (weakly) "Possibly."
Superhero nods and runs off.

My poor, and at this point rather pale, husband felt I should simply have said "No" and not offered hope like that. But I pointed out that although it seems as though the obstacles to us having any more children are MASSIVE at the moment- God can do whatever he likes.

Trying to work out what He wants and what is right thing to there's the challenge!!


KitBrookside said...

Out of the mouths of babes...

You're right, though - if it is meant to be, it will happen. With a 10 year gap between my little one and my middle one, I (and the beloved, of course) have decided to at least TRY to have a little friend for him. I am not overly optimistic given all the heartbreak we went through during that hiatus, but I am leaving that to His will and far more capable Hands than mine, as well as asking for the prayers of my dear friend St. Catherine!

I'll let you know how we make out!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Keep trying for a stickly twinkle from God's eye Kit. St Catherine is a wonderful friend to have in those circumstances.
May God bless you abundantly.

Anonymous said...

My husband announced after no 2 that we were done! the rest is