Thursday, 24 May 2007

China's barbaric zoos-and one child policy

I usually avoid the news via MSM but over the last few days I've caught Sky headlines, mainly because I am praying for the safe return of little Madeleine McGann. Anyway, as a result i have caught other stories.
Sky ran a story on the awful abuse of animals in China's zoos. Over fed fat tigers are given live cattle to eat for lunch, for the entertainment of visitors. Unlike wild tigers who are efficient killers, these tigers take a long time to kill their prey, which is not given the chance to run. The disturbing picutre of Chinese families relishing this 'entertainment' was shown to viewers. Animal 'rights' activists are trying to campaign for an end to the dreadful treatment of animals in China,which still has dancing bears and chimps on bicycles.
However on the same day this story ran on LifeSiteNews about the really horrific one child policy-that is supported by Britain by the way- and the recent reaction to it.

I cannot see how a country can sort out its people's behaviour towards animals while slaughtering babies is policy. China has an appalling human rights record, and yet this hardly ever gets a mention, as far as I know, in the MSM.

Animals do not have rights-humans do and with those rights come responsibilites. It will only be when the Chinese people are allowed their rights that they can take on their responsibilities.

I think this is the same in the Uk where we have such a horribly high abortion rate. The RSPCA are constantly reporting increases in cruelty to animals. If we cannot even take care of our own children properly-how will we ever show proper stewardship to the rest of God's creation?


MMajor Fan said...

Hi. Bless you and your family. I agree with you about China, though they have progressed far, there's a long way to go. While I agree about secular pressure, please also pray for the Conversion of China. The Holy Spirit is moving among them and I hope that, like Russia, there will be a conversion experience, and adding China to all our prayers will aid in this.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Yes, we must pray for China. The Church there is remarkable in strength-even the 'pratriotic' Catholic Church seems to have some genuinely holy people there.
In the end the Immaculate Heart will triumph :)