Sunday, 27 May 2007

Pentecost Sunday today. The Holy Spirit set the Church on fire and so the Gospel could be preached in all toungues throughout the world.
Just as the people were scattered and language confused over the building of the Tower of Babel, so people are called together and can hear the message in their own language, all at one time in the One Church.
This morning Father asked how we are evangelising. He pointed out that many people will see Christ and His Church through our witness-through how we behave.
This is a tough calling if we want to follow Christ and be the light of the world as He has called us to be. Despite being sinners we are called to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect.
Thank God for grace eh?
There is a saying attributed to St Francis of Assisi that goes along the lines-preach the Gospel and if really necessary use words. My non-Chrstian friends expect certain behaviours from Christians-and i think Charity is top of the list.
By our witness then, we can call our neighbours home-from wherever they are. That story in Acts seems to list half the nations of the earth hearing the message in their own language. Not everyone would listen of course-they heard the mumblings of a drunk instead.
It is a challenge to follow Christ- but what a challenge!

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