Monday, 28 May 2007

Morality and clothing the children

We will have to go clothes shopping soon. Teenagers grow! And I mean gROW!

Clothes shopping should be a straight forward activity really-but it just never seems to be.

First of all for the boys; they are not allowed logos or messages on their clothes that are rude, agressive or satanic, so that means they buy plain tops.

One of my son's is pretty artistic and has used fabric paints to make his own logos that are pretty good I have to say.

My daughter is a good judge of clothes and dresses smartly and modestly for a small budget. She manages to find clothes that her feminine and practicle without having to look frumpy or weird.
It has been remarkably easy for me to ensure she is sensibily dressed because she has not had to go through negative peer pressure. Her friends, who she has known since her school days, are also sensible in their dress choices. Not many mothers have this luxury these days I know.

So having somewhat easily stepped over the 'nasty-inappropriate-dress' hurdle I am faced with the tight-budget=cheap-clothes hurdle.
This one is a moral quagmire for us.

We are living on one wage here in the UK where the cost of living is high and it is not easy. We are very blessed indeed that the younger children have been given so much in clothing and baby equipment that we hardly spend a penny on them. With other friends who are also having babies, we simply share the things we need.
Baby and little-people clothes and stuff seem to survive well, but toddler and up is harder. Clothes wear out quicker because the children use them harder.
So, we have to buy clothes sometimes.

Cheap clothes are available all over the place-but WHY are they so cheap? This worries me.
Tesco's and Asda(Wal-Mart) have already been accused of using whyat amounts to slave labour for their clothes production-so who else is doing it?

Strangely it seems more often than not it is the expensive brands that get into trouble for slavery-which is easy-we don't shop at that level anyway.

So far Matalan does not have a bad reputation-so we go there, but if that should change...

The fight against slavery still goes on. Sad isn't it?

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