Wednesday, 23 May 2007

early pregnancy gender kit-kill the girls?

It was reported recently that there is a simple blood test kit on the market whereby a pregnant mother can find out the gender of her baby as early as six weeks gestation. The test costs about £180 or so and is apparently easily available. I have no idea how accurate it is.
Interestingly the media reports I have seen are very negative about this test, fearing it will lead to more abortions, specifically of girls.

With the prospect of killing babies just because they are girls looming, more and more people seem to be actually thinking that killing babies is not such a fantastic idea after all.

Strangely one or two comments have come across as -it's wrong to kill a baby because you don't want a girl, but okay if the baby is disabled. I don't know why it is okay to kill a person because they have a disability, and I have yet to see a rational explanation.

Nevertheless as more people begin to actually 'think' about abortion- less and less people really support it.

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