Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Tony and the Tiber

Rumours abound that once PM Tony Blair moves out of No. 10 that he intends to enter the Catholic Church. Most of these rumours seem to come from Fr Michael Seed.
There are a number of things about these rumours I find disturbing.
First of all surely Fr Seed should not be gossiping about one of prospective candidates.
Ignoring the rather silly article that has so bought into the idea that Blair is a god, he can actually 'declare himself' a Catholic, we are still left with the uncomfortable feeling that some big publicity stunt is being set up.

If Mr Blair does convert, that would be wonderful-IF-he is truly converting. But this is a man who is up to his elbows in pro-abortion voting and anti-family legislation. His most recent attack on families came with his putting the demands of a vociferous and rather vicious gay lobby above the very real rights and needs of children looking for adoptive parents.

Fr Seed seems happy to continue the rumours despite the very public behaviour of Mr Blair that is not remotely Christian.
Well, we can pray and see...

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