Thursday, 9 August 2007

clarification on smacking

I think I better clarify my 'smacking' post. I do not want to give the impression I think parents should smack. That's just as bad as saying they shouldn't.
Parents have a right and duty to educate and discipline their children. As parents we all have the right to choose what mode that education and discipline should take.

My comments on misuse of language were aimed at the media.
I recommend Dr Ray Guarendi's commentary on these matters. He has ten adopted children and I get the impression smacking is either not or like us rarely used in his household. He has had some very challenging children to deal with-most notably neglected four year old twins. I admire his wife in particular on this one.

Hope that clarifies my position.
Now then, must go and get my two year old off the naughty step....

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Anonymous said...

Hey didn't know you were from the West Midlands! Care to elaborate?

God bless