Monday, 6 August 2007

It was NFP awareness week-but I wasn't aware.

Apparently it was NFP awareness week at the end of July-but I missed it. It's never too late to speak about Natural Family Planning though so here's a post.

As I've mentioned before you can chart on Fertility Friend They are set up specifically for couples trying to have a baby, but I you can use it for spacing as well.

On the 25th July 1968 Pope Paul VI promulgated the document Humanae Vitae which continued the 2000yr teaching of the Catholic Church on openness to Life, the sanctity of marriage and the intrinsic evil of contraception.
He propehetically pointed out the damage that contraception would do to women, to marriage and to children- and of course 40yrs later we can see how right he was.

God has given women a natural cycle that not only tells us when we can conceive, but sends out signals about our general health and ability to keep a pregnancy.

With NFP couples pray and ask discernment for when to conceive each child and when we might have a good reason to avoid pregnancy. We recognise that every child, even those we lose through miscarriage or still birth are a gift from God with a purpose for their existence.
Being open to life means trusting God fully. It means that if God wants us to have a baby, we accept that precious gift with open heart and open mind.
It also means that if He chooses to withold that gift, we accept His will -while continuing in prayer and perseverence.
I am not saying we should accept infertility and do nothing about it-but there are moral and immoral ways of dealing with infertility.
In the end as they say in AA we have to let go and let God.


Anonymous said...

i would have loved another couple of children but God knows best...

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Going through that one myself right now. God knows best...