Sunday, 19 August 2007

Picking up protestantism -story Pt 6

I left home, started work and began to meet new people. All those I met who were on fire with their Christianity were protestant.

I met no committed Catholics and no other people of faith either in the next few years.

I moved in with some girls who were attending a local baptist church. One of them was also attending the local Catholic church because her boyfriend was Catholic and she introduced me to it.

At was at this time that I met the man I was to marry, and he too was protestant.

I went through quite a lot of pain over those few years and as I have already mentioned to Karen (Gem of the Ocean) I just could not say the Our Father for a very very long time.
A friend from school got in touch. We had a rather sporadic contact, still do. He tried to offer some help with this situation and I tried to forgive those who had so badly hurt me-but it was to be a very long process in deed.
Some years later he entered seminary and is now a priest and running a couple of parishes.

By the time I got married I thought I had my faith pretty much sorted out, thanks to finding such kind Christians who taught me their version and it seemed to work for them.
So, I stopped believing God was out to get me; but I also stopped believing in mortal sin.
I thought I would try and go back to Confession -but I was not all that bothered about it.
I thought I could get most if not all I needed to know about God and how to have a relationship with Him from Scripture.
I thought contraception was okay-but not abortion.
I thought women should be priests and had been oppressed by the patriarchal church quite long enough thank you.

I thought the Bible was holy-but that there were loads of it that were not all that true and that St Paul had a lot to answer for. And yes, this is what I learned from my protestant friends. I think we always view protestants as thinking the Bible is sacrosanct. Well some do, but many I have known over the years are quite happy to edit it to suit what they would prefer to believe-and I went along with this.

As you can see, I had lost my search for the truth and was now ready to settle for a nice comfortable Christianity. I think I was just getting tired of the quest and the people around me were nice, good people. I was getting married-life was getting better. I did not need to be rocking the boat right then.

But God was on my heels...


Joyful Catholics said...


Great post. We have a lot in common, you and I! I suggested to a friend that he check this post...he's written on Catholic Exchange about Adult Sunday school for's on On Fire Protestant or Lukewarm Catholic...very good, but with Tiber Jumper I do we implement?


Anonymous said...

gripping stuff!

White Stone Name Seeker said...

I'll have a read. I have suggested to my PP that we need some kind of catechesis in church-straight after Mass probably with a 'captive' audience so to speak.
People do not know the faith because no one has told them. Its tragic.
I have offered to teach NFP to couples preparing for marriage.
So far he has not taken me up on the offer-but then I haven't been a Mass much lately. Hopefully something will come of my offer...

gemoftheocean said...

Can't wait for the next installment!

Susie said...

Good morning...

I have a friend in Wales, Kat, her daughter is a Poor Clare at Hanceville with Mother Angelica. She just professed two years ago this coming Sept. She is lovely and I've not had a chance to meet her, but hope to get to EWTN on pilgrimage next year and do so. Her name is Sr. Judith so tell your son to go to the monastery and visit the sisters...and if he can see her, that would be sooooo wonderful!