Sunday, 5 August 2007

Parents protect our children.

I've just received the August edition of the Education Otherwise magazine. In it there are articles that look at how the government here in the UK is trying to curb the rights and freedoms of parents to educate and care for our own children. EO is calling for us to stand up for ourselves and to fight to keep our rights and protect our children.

We look at Germany where home schooling was made illegal by Hitler and the law has remained. There families must leave the country or face persecution if they are to maintain their rights.

We have seen recently that a govt publication has been pulled after it was finally seen over the Internet telling parents how to sexually molest their toddlers!

But this publication has been out there and widely distributed for over 7yrs with NO parental outcry. Why would German parents be so quiet and apathetic about something so damaging to their children?

I do not think it is much different here in the UK (though I get the impression American Christian parents would and do fight this stuff). So much is pushed on our children that is bad for them spiritually and robs them of their innocence under the guise of 'education' or entertainment. We must fight back.

We must also as parents be there for our children when others encroach on their innocence. I am so grateful to God that he has allowed me to be home now full time. An incident occurred in my own family where I know if I had been working full time I would never have picked up on it until perhaps it was too late. Being there meant I could protect my child.

I beg you parents don't ever let your guard down. Don't assume that because someone says they are Catholic that means they are going to act Catholic.
As Dr Ray says 'Hold your kids tightly...'

This is our vocation.


Ttony said...

And yet ... we have a dear friend who is a Protestant Missionary in a very remote part of Africa. His wife is Swiss, but they have had to home school their daughters with German-language material provided by the German Government.

(They returned to Switzerland so that elder daughter could do the equivalent of A Levels in a school to find that she was half a year ahead of the rest of the kids.)

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Home schooled kids usually are ahead. I wish I had home schooled mine earlier.
I assume your missionary friends edited the sex ed material and ignored the repulsive stuff aimed at getting parents to sexually abuse their toddlers-if they ever saw it.
As far as acedemic achievement my German friends say their schools are much better than here in the UK-and I believe them.
But as Christian parents we are preparing our kids for eternity not just A levels.

I do still dip into National Curriculum material for my home ed programme. Some of the material is pretty good. The major advantage of home ed is being able to pick out the good and leave out the bad.