Thursday, 9 August 2007

Elder abuse

Say a prayer for my son and the residents he cares for. There have been allegations of abuse in one of the homes linked to his. This has understandably led to staff in all the homes feeling a bit paranoid.
Worse still-it seems the allegations are true.

There are some bad practice in these places due to lack of staff that inevitably lead to this kind of thing.
Having quite a bit of experience in this area I am able to offer a kind of supervision to my son to help him keep his eye on the respect owed even to the most difficult residents and their vulnerable state.

He has not seen any abuse thank God, but the whole thing hangs like a cloud over the home.


Esther said...

The elderly are in my daily prayers. They and the children (born and unborn) are so vulnerable!

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Thank you. I think the frail is so often ignored.
My son tells me there are jobs open at his workplace but no one is applying so they are constantly trying to manage with too few staff.
I think it also leads to the temptation for managers to take on inappropriate people because they are desperate.

Esther said...

WS, that is the same problem that NJ is faced with and I'm guessing all around the US. This kind of problem will only lead to more and more people favoring euthanasia and legislation supporting it. Pray that it does not.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Oh Esther-I too worry about this.
We have contracepted and aborted away the very people who would be there to help us care for the elderly-and now they are not there.

I am more determined than ever that my FIL comes to stay with us should he need to-and not go into a home.
I am praying God will help me do that somehow.