Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Will Latin save Britain?

Al Kresta interviewed Philip Jenkins recently. He believes that all is not lost as far as the Christian and (perhaps particuloarly) the Catholic Church is concerned in Europe. I'm not sure I am convinced by all Dr Jenkins says but he did raise some fasinatin facts about areas of Britain.
He talks of the rise in Carrabean, Asian and African Catholics coming into the country. He then went on to mention a church soewhere he did not name that was about to close because it only had 50 worshippers left. It then advertised a Mass in Portugese and suddenly it was a thriving parish of 1500 attendees.

So, I am thinking that with the Motu Proprio now out-if even the Novus Ordo could be offered in Latin then people of whatever native language could all attend Mass together. Could we fill churches and rebuild communities with Latin?


Brad Harvey said...

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Now I`ve got to go look up Rev 2:17

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