Friday, 10 August 2007

How Long Oh Lord-How Long?

The Bishops of England and Wales have commissioned and published a book that attacks the Holy Father, attacks the notion of 'family' and speaks of "terrorists" in inverted commas.
I'm not surprised of course. I wish I could be.

The links are Damian Thompson

Mrs Bogle suggest we might like to let Bishop Budd know what we think about this book. He is Bishop of PLYMOUTH

We need to write politely to the bishop and try and keep the justifiable anger and disgust under wraps.

At the point where the Holy Father has asked the Cardinal to stay on for a while after his 75th birthday I can only pray there is a cunning plan afoot.

Fr Aidan Nicholls name is often mentioned by the faithful as a hope for a future Cardinal. I wouldn't wish it on him to be honest. He's an academic-and a great one. But if God calls him, I am sure he would answer.

One day I pray England will be a place where miracles are not so hard to come by.

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