Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Prayer for discernment

Every day I pray for God to grant me the Grace to discern what is true and what isn't. I beg Him to open my eyes and my soul to what HE wants me to learn. Ask and you will receive said Jesus so I asked and still ask and I have indeed received.
This of course means that I have had to change a great deal. Embarrassed
In searching for the WhiteStone Name that I hope to receive in the end I have had to let go of a lot my less than humble opinions. Into to bin has gone my disobedience to the Church; contraception and all that closed to life mentality (though I never supported abortion); support for women's ordination; various wacky bits of feminism.
It has not been easy. I liked some of my opinions. Being proved wrong is a tough thing to deal with-but when you're wrong, you're wrong and I was-over rather a lot.

So baring in mind that I have learned my own judgement can be a bit iffy I keep up the prayer because I really really want to know the Truth and God's Will.
I believe God will do this for anyone who asks it of Him-so go ask. But be warned He might ask you to change and change big time.

It hurts, but it is worth it.
God bless

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Anonymous said...

Well done..the straight & narrow path..