Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Too many children LOL

I was listening to the podcast of the Doctor Is In - Dr Ray Guarendi. He talked about how people like to comment to those of us who have...erm...too many (sic) children.
He said a man had emailed him.
An old woman had come up to him and his children in a shop one day and said to him, "Surely you wont be having any more!"
His little girl immediately answered, "Oh but we still have space in the van!"
As the old lady's jaw began to drop, the little girl in all innocence turned her father and asked "Daddy, can you drive a bus?" ROTFL

We've had similar events. People are always so shocked and horrified by more than two children.
The usual "You do know what causes it don't you?" or "This is your last one isn't it?"
My husband took the car in for a clean yesterday.
Seeing the 3 kid seats in the 8 seater car the lad said "How many kids you got mate?"
"Six." says Dh cheerfully.
Horrified the lad replied "Don't you ever just watch TV?"
DH said only later did he wish he'd retorted that he had better things to do. Winky 2

This morning I had a back clinic appt. The poor doc got very confused about my pregnancies and epidurals, c-sections and spinals. He had assumed I had at the most 3 children and when the history went on he got confused.
"I have six," I explained.
"SIX!!!!" he responded and then realising that must have seemed rude he got a bit flustered and tried to cover up his response. Bless him.

I do know this rudeness can work the other way too. Too many people will assume that Catholic couples with no children or only one or two are contracepting. They often are not. They are living through the hell of infertility and being judged as not good enough Catholics because they haven't been blessed with a quiver full is extremely painful.

Personally I don't care about the rude remarks over too many children, but I would be devastated if I was judged for not being able to have enough.

God has been generous with me. I am now in the sad position of being told I can't have any more in case I bleed to death. But I am ever optimistic and hope in a couple of years another doc might have a different view. Who knows?
I still have love to give you see.

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Ma Beck said...

Kristin at Small Treasures has two beautiful little girls, and she wrote that recently at the beach, some woman commented, "Boy, you certainly have your hands full."
Kristin replied, "Not full enough."
I thought that was beautiful.