Friday, 20 July 2007

Last Blog fpr a week

We're off to Northumbria tomorrow and then up to Edinburgh to visit kith and kin. CAN'T WAIT! So today is the last blog for a week -unless I find a hot spot but I doubt it.

Don't forget the PRO LIFE rally on 28th July 3-4pm (scroll down for all the details) Please pray for all those attending. As the UK oppresses more people for speaking the truth they are brave people.

Can I also ask your prayers for the good Bishop of Hereford who has lost a case in court for daring to suggest a gay man who wanted to work with CofE youth should abide by Christ's rules and remain celibate.
I know the Cof E have a lot of problems morally but Hereford Cathedral is a bastion of true family Christianity. The Dean and his staff are good people.

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