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More on Sex ed and Eric Hester's article

More on the Eric Hestor article; Him in Blue me in purple

Nor would I personally nowadays recommend the local state school as an alternative. Some of the teachers there are good people, but they are completely under the thumb of the local education authority and, apart form other considerations, the sex-education programmes alone would render them entirely unsuitable for Catholic children.

This is the crunch paragraph. CatholicMomof10 was asking what other parents experience has been of sex-ed in Catholic schools.

Well in primary my older three had a kind of personal hygiene and menstruation session. Nothing I had not gone through at home, but probably useful and reassuring. The two older ones got the 'talk' in year 6- boys and girls separated, but my third child got her 'talk' as a whole class and in year 5.

Now, I have mixed feelings about this. There was nothing unsuitable in the talk, nothing that would be difficult for children at different stages of development, but I would have prefered the class to be split even at that age. I think they chose to do it earlier because many of the girls start their periods in yr 6 and the school didn't want anyone to be unprepared.

It can be scary to have a first period with no idea of what is happening.

In secondary school the older two received what I think was basically a secular sex ed with the teacher saying in passing that the Catholic Church didn't approve. They were told about all the contraceptives out there, but NFP was not explained. Condoms were explained and then a video cartoon of a couple having sex.

Yes - Catholic school and it was Yr 7.

My oldest child went on some kind of contraception bus that came to the school. He was in yr 8 I think at the time.

I was never given prior notice that these things were going to happen.

I Home educate. None of my other children will be exposed to this or the bullying or the other stuff.

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