Tuesday, 31 July 2007

MP3 debate Karl Keating and Dave Hunt

I downloaded a debate between Karl Keating and Dave Hunt to listen to on my MP3 player during the hols while I potter around doing housework and the like.
Dave Hunt wrote a pretty unpleasant and inaccurate piece of work about the Catholic Church as the 'Whore of Babylon'.
It was a good debate with a protestant anchorman who I have not heard before. He seemed pretty fair and actually listened to the answers when he asked a question. Mr Hunt fascinated me because he seemed able to completely ignore those parts of Scripture that Dr Keating showed him that did not fit his view. He insisted he loved Catholics but then went to show he could not really be bothered to listen to anything Keating had to say because it must be wrong.

I have to say he was up against it. I would never want to be on the opposite side to Karl Keating in debate. The man knows his stuff-although I was a bit disappointed he forgot the obvious reference to purgatory in St Paul 1 Cor 3:12 where he points out we have to get the straw burned away as only the gold gets through them pearly gates.

You can get the debate HERE just scroll down the page.

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