Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Archbishop Pius Ncube is my hero

St Mary Magdalene has a story about Archbishop Pius Ncube who has been almost a lone voice speaking firmly against the terror inflicted on the people of Zimbabwe by that despot Mugabe.
In the days when my father-in-law lived there and it was called Rhodesia, the country was nick named the 'bread basket of Africa'. It is a fertile land that produced good crops and could easily have meant a reasonably good economy.
Mugabe has been a murderer and a racist from day one.

It is brave of the Archbishop to call on Britain to intervene. It is brave and sadly, I believe pointless. He can certainly argue that Britain owes them something, but I am not even sure that would hold much water. It is an idependent nation now, and Britain might argue it was left with a reasonable infrasctructure which it has demolished.
But the people are starving to death, their homes destroyed, the farms stolen and abandoned.
Crops are not failing-they aren' even being planted.
Can we intervene?
And what would replace Mugabe?

We must pray.


Ttony said...

It's a sad reflection that while he thinks he can call on the UK, the UK looks sideways shiftily.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

it is indeed. The South African Govt has a lot to answer for as well.