Monday, 9 July 2007

Papa Beni on Blessed are the Peacemakers.

I am on chapter four. Yeah, yeah, I know I am a slow reader, but I only get to read between doing stuff. (hence blog entries take a long time to write too-thank God for draft).

Anyway he was talking about how the meek inherit the earth. He wrote:
"...there is a sense in which the interplay between 'meekness' and the promise of the land can also be seen as a perfectly ordinary piece of historical wisdom: Conquerors come and go, but the ones who remain are the simple, the humble, who cultivate the land and continue sowing and harvesting in the midst of sorrows and joys.
The humble, the simple, outlast the violent, even from a purely historical point of view."
The meek are the peacemakers who mourn. They suffer because of the persecution and anger of those around them. But they hang in there, quietly until all those who are full of sound and fury have blown themselves out.
As Catholics in the UK, and I suspect especially those of us who home school, get targeted more and more often for the anti-Catholic, anti-family vitriol that spews from those pushing the gay agenda and other anti-family policies, we will have to stand quietly and stand firm. In the end we will inherit the earth.
They are aborting, contracepting, suiciding (that's a new word) and sterilising their way off the face of the earth.
In the end it will be families with children, quietly trying to lead their lives that will be left to inherit the earth.
Family 4 Do not be afraid. Family 2 Family 3

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MMajor Fan said...

Hi! I liked reading how you took that quote from PB's book and drew such great contemporary insight and comfort from it. How true, how true. But like that mustard seed that is farmed in sometimes less than ideal grounds, suddenly a mighty crop will bloom! Unhealthy and unpious living does tend to tear itself down. It's always been hard to be an island of piety and sanity. Great blogging.