Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Converts and Reverts; the Tiber in Flood

Catholic Exchange have this story about how converts of a rather superior calibre are entering the Church.
Obviously this is good news and is probably a sign that the Church is being renewed. It is certainly true that converts like Dr Hahn have made a massive impact on the life of the Church. People like me would probably never have returned from the outskirts of the cafeteria if it had not been for the tapes and books of converts and EWTN.
No one had ever told me the stuff I heard on my Hahn tapes. I sat and wept when it hit me that I had never really lived a Catholic life, because I had never known what one was. The joy of coming home has faded a little, but after 7 years it is still there.
I pray that I too can lead people to the Church so they can share the pearl of great price.

I was quite careful with my husband. Although some things had to change for me, such as contraception and weekly Mass, I tried not to impose too much on him in one go. I did not want him to feel forced towards the Church, but I realised I wanted him to convert, so I prayed and waited.

I know his dad probably blames me for his son's trip across the Tiber and it's something he has ignored. We simply don't talk about it.

In my parish, which could hardly be described as vibrant, there is still a trickle of converts. It's a rare Easter when at least one or two people are not received and recpetions happen throughout the year on and off.


Anonymous said...

i just love converts! God bless you & your husband too...the gentle approach is probably best....

Tiber Jumper said...

'It is certainly true that converts like Dr Hahn have made a massive impact on the life of the Church.'

Yes I agree, I found him after my reversion but he helped my wife in her journey. Without idolizing him too much, he very well could be the St. Frances DeSales of our generation.
(Desales won back over 60,000 converts after the reformation)