Thursday, 19 July 2007

Breastfeeding dilemma

I had an appt with a consultant neurologist yesterday. As is the way with the NHS I never get to see the same doc twice. They keep leaving. (Michael Moore should have interviewed me for his daft film 'Sicko' HA!)
Anyway the doc I saw yesterday seems much more on the ball and thorough is his assessment questions than anyone I have seen so far. He was quite shocked at the lack of tests I've had so far and gave me a nice long list of things he would like to do to me. He wants to get started asap.

In the conversation I asked about changing meds because I am concerned about taking Tramadil while I am breastfeeding. The Obstetrician I saw while pregnant said Amytriptyline would be safe. So I asked. Now this doc says Amytriptyline is not safe and could actually change my baby's brain because it works on serotonin.
Tramadil is an opiate so I don't think that's much better and he agreed.

He has basically said choose- take pain relief and bottle feed or stay of the meds and breastfeed.
I know this might sound silly-but I really believe it is important to breastfeed my children.
I did have to bottle feed one of them -but that was because she was ill (reflux).
Obviously I am a lousy mum when I am in a lot of pain so the sensible thing to do is get my girl on a bottle.
BUT I seem to be getting conflicting advice on how safe or dangerous my meds are for my daughter.
If anyone has any thoughts throw them this way.
Pray for me on this one please.


Anonymous said...

Well i don't think i'd personally worry about those particular mes whilst feeding..but i'm no doctor! For me if ever i'd had another baby after Jacinta & being on heavy duty psychiatric meds i wouldn't have breast-fed.

Just bear in mind also that bottle feeding is not so bad..having bottle-fed 6 in a row...all of them bright & healthy! i say do what you feel is right!

God bless

Ttony said...

I've no idea which will be best for you, so I'll pray that you choose the best option.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Thank you.

antonia said...


I'm new to your blog, so I just thought I'd say hi.

I havent read much of your story yet, so I'm not sure as to the background of why you need these medications.

I would say to breastfeed as long as you feel you can. 6 months is usually the WHO recommended ideal mininum.
(2 years is actually the ideal recommended amount of time.)

But formula feeds nowadays are very very sophisticated. They aren't anywhere near as good as breastmilk, but they are definitly a satisfactory subsitute if breastmilk cant be used.
So I wouldn't feel bad if you decide you cant cope without the medications and so stop breastfeeding for them.

but personally, I wouldnt breastfeed while on those sorts of medications.

Mac McLernon said...

How about a compromise? Breastfeed for the first four to six weeks (depending on how much you can stand the pain) to give the benefit of the antibodies and then switch to a bottle.