Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Whispers in the Loggia say the Holy Father has asked Cardinal Cormac Murphy-o'Connor to stay on past 75. Now I know this could be only for an extra year or two and I know he isn't that bad, but why? Is there no one in the UK ready to take up the massive massive task of getting the church here back on track? Perhaps not -or perhaps there is, but not yet.
I confess to being a bit confused by this move.
Still-the Vatican does tend to behave much like an Ent Moot-so I will try and learn patience.
But I want it now.


John Kearney said...

Hey, there. Perhaps the Vatican is waiting to hear from faithful catholics about who they want as Cardinal. You can be sure the Bishops of England, the modernists, the feminists have all writeen off. It is time we catholic bloggers got together for our choice.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

It never occured to me that I could send a note suggesting someone as Cardinal.
I would suggest Fr Aidan Nichols although he may be more suited to acedemia than running the shop, I'm not sure, or theirs Archbishop Smith of Wales. He seems good.
What do you think?

Mac McLernon said...

I vote for Cardinal Pell. Heck, we need someone with enough backbone to be prepared to go to prison given the SORs and all that will accompany them... and at the moment, there isn't anyone on the horizon...