Monday, 30 July 2007

A Crip with kids on Holy Isle

I listen a lot to Dr Ray Guarendi on Ave Maria and Immaculate Heart Radio. He and his wife adopted 10 children and home school. He often talks about the weird and less than wonderful comments those of us with more than the stipulated limit of one and a half children get.

Well there I was sitting on the bank above the rocky beech of Lindesfarne, looking across the bay to the abbey and village.

I had my baby daughter on the breast (taking as little Tramadol as I can while I am still deciding what to do).

My husband and the other five children were looking at crabs and generally having a good time among the rocks.

An old lady was sitting on a bench just a few feet along from where I was parked in my wheelchair. As the little ones ran up to show me stones and things they had found it became obvious that they were all mine.

The old lady came over and admired the baby and then asked me if that was my family down on the beech and I said yes all six were mine.

Poor woman-she was aghast and so concerned for me. She asked darkly if my dh was any help. LOL. I think she thought he was forcing his poor crippled wife to have all these kids.

I was able to say we loved having lots of children and I enjoy being a mum etc.

I know Dr Ray and some of those who contact him find all this stuff annoying at times- and so do I, but then I think being a crip with six kids DOES make me stand (or sit) out a bit and so I get the chance to say being a mum is good and children can be good caring people.

So it's not so bad.


MMajor Fan said...

I had a friend with MS who used to shock all of us by calling herself a "crip" which just flipped out all of us sensitive sorts, trying to be PC, and she would just laugh and say the darndest things. Her daughters (2) were grown before she needed wheelchair, so I know what a huge effort you are making. Children are the crown of creation for rich or poor, sick or well, yet society's changed from seeing them as a person's glory. I admire your strength. It's all for good.

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