Sunday, 29 July 2007

You gotta love Northumbria

We are back from the beautiful lands of Northumbria and I miss it already-especially Lindesfarne (or as my 4yr old calls it Linda's Farm).

We attended Mass at the tiny church of St Aidan's in Seahouses. Father said that Lindesfarne or Holy Isle as it is also called gets around half a million visitors a year. Many of those must be pilgrims I believe. In fact while we were there I saw a lady who looked African approach the statue of St Aidan and make the Sign of the Cross.

I'll post some photos and some brief stories about the place soon.

It's God's own country around there and we wish we could live up there. We are looking into it and if God wills-it may just happen.

I am not a city girl and despite 20yrs in a city I am still NOT a city girl-so moving up there would suit me fine. I also like the fact we would be near to the Scottish end of the family who we love dearly.

Anyway, it might never happen-but we are looking at the possibility.

Anyone live that way?


irwin said...

It ain't Northumbria - its Northumberland!
(Oh, and its spelled Lindisfarne or Holy Island)

MMajor Fan said...

I've not made it north or west of the Brecon Beacons, though I've heard it is beautiful where you were. I always had hunting for a sight of red kites (the falcons) around Snowdonia on my list :-)

Fr Michael Brown said...

I live about an hour from there on the outskirts of Newcastle. Glad you enjoyed your break. I was there on July 7th with a parish pilgrimage.