Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Moto Proprio- a little hope.

It's out and the champagne corks have popped around the Catholic blogosphere. Cheers

Over at the Closed Cafeteria there is an excellent overview and posting on the MP-with the English translation. here and here

English translation here.

Mark, over at Rise and Pray also has an excellent post.

I commented that I was not convinced the MP would make much difference to the abundant abuses of the NO Liturgy-but he quite rightly pointed out that new priests were being ordained and trained who would be ready to say Mass properly. I just have to wait and pray.

You see, for me the old Missal is something I have no experience with, and although I would attend such a Mass out of curiosity, what I really long for is a Novus Ordo Mass said with reverence, solemnity and without the...extras.

We don't need EMHCs in half empty churches, and we don;t need them giving blessings to the kids like pseudo-priests and priestesses.
The Holy Father knows what we have been through. He says:

Many people who clearly accepted the binding character of the Second Vatican Council, and were faithful to the Pope ...

This occurred above all because in many places celebrations were not faithful to the prescriptions of the new Missal, but the latter actually was understood as authorizing or even requiring creativity, which frequently led to deformations of the liturgy which were hard to bear. I am speaking from experience, since I too lived through that period with all its hopes and its confusion. And I have seen how arbitrary deformations of the liturgy caused deep pain to individuals totally rooted in the faith of the Church.d the Bishops, nonetheless also desired to recover the form of the sacred liturgy that was dear to them.

Oh yes Holy Father, indeed a deep pain.

I've pottered around the blogs and see the hope and expectation of healing and renewed liturgical reverence and I want to join in with the that joy and hope. I want to believe that even in the UK we will see a real cleaning of house and refilling it with flowers and incense and giving to God what is His and receiving Him, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in a state of Grace-rather than pain and irritation.

I'm not complaining about my own parish. Yes, there are things I wish didn't happen-mostly around the over use of EMHC's - but we do have a fairly abuse free Mass and we get the smells and bells and proper attire and the Tabernacle as the focal point of the Church. I can't complain.

So roll on Sept 14th. and the Barque of St Peter and God bless all who sail in her (It is seafarer's Sunday after all Smile)

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Anonymous said...

We don't need EMHCs in half empty churches, and we don;t need them giving blessings to the kids like pseudo-priests and priestesses.

-- Excuse my language, but whoever does that needs a swift kick up the backside! ;-p