Friday, 13 July 2007

Last night's House

I must admit I have been getting bored with House recently. The formula is...well, formulaic and I was getting a bit irritated with the lack of depth in the character writing.

But last night I must admit I was surprised and pleased by what I saw.

A pregnant mother was the patient. Now, it seems impossible for the writers to ever have a mother who got pregnant the conventional way and I have been a bit irritated by this-but I do wonder if there is a message even in that- bypass God in conception and there are likely to be problems. This is true, it is why He asks us to do things His way.

House who has made it clear in previous episodes that he is pro-choice. Each 'baby' episode has been interesting in that it is made quite clear there is a baby to consider, not just the mother.

This time the mother is adament she wants her baby to live. She refuses an abortion despite the pressure House puts on her.

He is left with doing a fetal operation to save both the baby and the mother.

They put in the moment the uterus is opened and the baby boy puts his hand out and clutches House's finger. Of course this is a very famous photot from a real operation done some years ago by that equally famous doctor of fetal medicine. I watched the actual op at the time and I remember the moment he held that tiny hand on his finger-astonishing.

In this re-enactment House too is astonished and moved by the experience. He stares in wonder at the little hand clutching his.

In the end mother and baby live.

Although House does not appear to have properly changed his mind, he argues with his boss Dr Cuddy at the end about how really it was luck that anyone survived etc etc. But Cuddy points out that it mattered to that mother and her son and she gets the last word.

I am pleased and surprised that a mainstream drama has handled this issue so well and with honesty. Even though the story is unlikely and extreme they managed to say something important and I haven't seen any complaints - mainly I think because the pro-baby killers can't complain about something so carefully written.

I always wear this:- the precious hands badge. I also have precious feet. They show the exact size and shape of a baby's hands at around 10-12wks gestation.
I've had to buy mine from the USA. I got my children's chastity rings from the same place. PRO_LIFE STUFF HERE
Perhaps when I get my Dream (see previous post) on the go I will sell them over here...
Anyway, to get back to the point. I think there is going to be more willingness to show unborn baby's on TV as what they are -people.
I don't think UK programmes will catche up for a while-we are apathetic about the slaughter here and the Govt is all for it-but we buy programmes like House from the USA and I reckon the gauntlet is down.
Is it a baby? Yes it is. So if you want the choice to kill it, you cannot pretend it isn't a baby.

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Wonderful story & i like your dream..go for it! If you get chance i'm floundering on the Re National Secular Society post...don't know how to set up the can scroll back..many thanks..God bless